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Bed Head Units

The Bed Head Panel incorporates strong design features and high quality construction, with simple and unobtrusive appearance. The user can clearly identify the main parts and their functions, in normal use and during emergency situations. The unit is designed to be surface mounted without protruding into the clinical area, whilst putting services within easy reach of staff. This also effectively eliminates builders’ works. The unit is connected directly and permanently into the medical gas main pipework using the copper tailpieces provided with each unit. Each Medical Gas Outlet Point is provided with a 15mm Copper connection pipe to ensure that high gas flow, and low pressure drop is available for the users. Electrical services can be wired on separate individual circuits, and can include sockets for UPS or IPS as required by the customer. The bed head panel offers an attractive design option, feature packed or of simple design, and is easily extended by the addition of further equipment or services.